Brookfield Renewable Energy Marketing US LLC (BREMUS) is a licensed Electric Service Supplier (ESS) in the state of Oregon, providing retail electric service to Direct Access (DA) customers. BREMUS has the flexibility to negotiate specific terms and rates for a customer's electricity supply while those customers continue to receive transmission and distribution services from the utility.

Oregon 2023 Indicative Electricity Price: ICE Mid-C Index +$4.00 + transmission and associated administrative costs.

BREMUS offers a full range of physical products, indexed to market prices, to meet the unique requirements of DA customers including long-term fixed pricing and risk management strategies. The index-based prices offered by BREMUS are competitive with those offered by Portland General Electric. Factors related to contract term, load profile, etc. may impact contract price.

Oregon Electricity Use Resource Mix as of 2020


Note percentages may not add up to 100%

To learn more about our Retail Solutions, please contact: Solutions@brookfieldrenewable.com