Wholesale Solutions

Positioned to Meet Your Sustainability Needs. Brookfield Renewable U.S. offers an array of wholesale renewable energy product solutions from our merchant and development portfolio of 100 percent renewable generation. Our products include stand-alone renewable energy credit (RECs), bundled products featuring RECs paired with power generated from our renewable facilities, and utility-scale projects with a power purchase agreement. By sourcing supplies from our own generators, we can guarantee customers will be served by our local facilities, and new projects, for the duration of the transaction.

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Brookfield Renewable U.S.’s Wholesale Power Solutions

Expertise in managing contracted assets, structured products and merchant portfolios across North American energy markets.

  • Hedge assets across fuel types and technologies
  • Provide 100% renewable energy supply, renewable energy firming and shaping
  • Provide renewable energy supplies, bundled energy, and RECs
  • Structure products to meet sustainability goals while improving the portfolio’s risk profile
  • Scheduling dispatch and managing transmission
  • Equipped with 24/7 real-time trading desk for major North American energy markets

Brookfield Renewable U.S.’s Energy Trading

Our New York-based Trading & Marketing Desk is focused on optimizing our renewable energy assets, and developing innovative product solutions and strategies to maximize market value.

  • Provide product solutions for new-build and existing assets, wholesale and retail, physical and financial markets
  • Offer greater flexibility in crafting customized arrangements for customers
  • Equipped with decades of combined experience trading in physical and financial energy markets
  • Over two dozen traders, analysts and originators
  • Active in real-time, day-ahead and term markets for power, gas and environmental markets
  • Active in major North American competitive wholesale energy markets

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About Wholesale Solutions please contact us at: Renewable.Solutions@brookfieldrenewable.com