Our Operational Expertise

Brookfield Renewable U.S. is a leader in developing, building and optimizing asset operations, drawing from over 120 years of experience

  • Over120 Years
    operating experience
  • Offsetting~11 MillionMetric tons of emissions
    annually for our customers
  • Assets in34 StatesAcross five renewable
    power technologies
  • CAPABILITIES 24/7 Renewable power
  • DiversifiedMulti-technologyPure-play
    renewable portfolio

South Plains Wind Farm, Texas

A Global Renewable Leader

Brookfield Renewable U.S. operates a diversified renewable energy portfolio of hydropower, wind, solar, and storage facilities, drawing from over 120 years of experience and industry-leading innovation to optimize our assets and drive value. Extending across 34 states, our platform generates approximately 23 million megawatt-hours of clean power, or enough electricity to meet the needs of approximately 2 million homes annually. *

* Includes approximately 175 megawatts of assets owned through X-Elio.

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Driving Value Across Our Renewable Assets

Brookfield Renewable U.S. deploys decades of experience and cutting-edge innovation to maximize the smooth and efficient operation of our extensive portfolio of hydropower, wind, solar, storage and distributed energy resources. We find ways to boost energy yield and optimize efficiency across our renewable platform by using advanced digital technology management systems and through proactive plant maintenance by our on-the-ground site managers. To help run our world-class fleet, Brookfield Renewable U.S. boasts an over 800-member-strong team of dedicated professionals and a 24/7 National System Control Center in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Our Goal for Zero Safety Incidents

Safety is at the forefront of our U.S. operations and ingrained in our culture. We hold an unbending goal to achieve zero safety incidents. Our employees take part in comprehensive safety programs. The hundreds of contractors and vendors who partner with us must also comply with our safety practices and subscribe to our safety philosophy. Our significant investment in promoting and maintaining an exceptional safety culture has earned Brookfield Renewable U.S. respect among industry peers. We continue to lead the way in our innovative safety practices.

Brookfield Renewable U.S. is a leader in developing, building and optimizing asset operations, drawing from over 120 years of experience

Leading the Way on Hydropower

Our renewable portfolio includes an extensive hydropower fleet of 135 facilities in the U.S., with approximately 2,890 megawatts of generation capacity. We operate our facilities with best-in-class standards, adopting sustainable development principles that reduce the impact of our operations and help to efficiently manage water resources. We have won multiple industry awards in recognition of our outstanding record of environmental stewardship. We also lead the U.S. in the number of Low Impact Certified hydropower facilities, with 80. The Low Impact Hydropower Institute (“LIHI”) awards this certification to hydropower facilities that meet a suite of extremely stringent science-based environmental protection standards and social and cultural criteria. For more information about our relicensing and construction activities click here.

A Safety-First Culture for Our Communities

Brookfield Renewable U.S. carries robust safety programs to ensure the stability and security of our hydropower facilities, working closely with regulators, government agencies and independent consultants. We maintain extensive educational outreach programs to keep surrounding populations informed about our facilities, aware of safety efforts and educated on emergency planning. We also routinely carry out public safety campaigns to educate the public on safety practices such as wearing personal flotation devices and informed of hazards by our facilities. We deploy extensive signage and buoys to inform the public of hazards and safety risks. For more information about our public safety please click here.


Proud to Meet Your Sustainable Energy Needs

Hydropower is an essential provider of grid resource capabilities that enable the integration of incremental renewable generation while enhancing the value of the communities and environments they serve. We are proud to be your power solution in cutting carbon emissions and meeting sustainability targets while helping to address the threat of global climate change.

  • Earned 3 National Hydropower Association Outstanding Steward’s Waters Awards
  • Offers nearly 500 whitewater releases annually, including a whitewater park at our Holtwood, PA facility
  • Provides outdoor recreation at many of our 400 sites, including family campgrounds, canoe and boat launches, fishing platforms and picnic areas
  • Maintains trails and supports local hiking groups at several sites including the Pacific Crest Trail in California
  • Organizes fish stocking events each spring at various locations