We invest in our people just as we invest in our business, with a goal for long-term value creation, sustainability, and positive social impact.

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An Entrepreneurial, Collaborative, Disciplined Culture

Our culture is distinctly entrepreneurial, with employees empowered to take ownership in the value they create and the decisions they make, providing a rich and fulfilling experience. We encourage collaboration among senior and junior employees to promote learning, generate best ideas, and deliver quality results. We rigorously adhere to a results-driven approach to build upon our decades-long legacy of success and leadership in the energy industry.

Our Commitment to Our Employees

Employees are at the center of our success. That’s why we invest in our people just as we invest in our business, with a goal for long-term growth, sustainability, and positive impacts. We adopt a “grow from within” philosophy, with a focus on employee development and supporting the next generation of leaders. We furnish our employees with the tools and resources for career development and self-enrichment while providing advancement opportunities across business groups, functions, and regions.

Brookfield Renewable: Investing in our people.

A Meaningful Mission

As a member of the Brookfield Renewable U.S. team, you will work side-by-side with some of the most talented, driven, and supportive professionals. Each day employees engage in meaningful work, contributing towards our mission to optimize and drive value across our renewable portfolio, advancing the transition to a sustainable, clean energy future. While diverse in backgrounds and experiences, we are united in a goal-oriented mindset. We are looking for passionate, results-driven individuals who seek challenges. If you are interested in making a positive impact, check out our career opportunities across the country.

A Part of Something Greater

Brookfield Renewable U.S. believes being a force for good is part and parcel to our success. A leading global owner, operator and developer of renewable power, we offset approximately 12 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually for our customers. The dependability and flexibility of our vast hydropower platform makes us uniquely positioned to help the nation transition to a clean energy future and avoid the worst effects of climate change. The benefits of our renewable platform provide extensive community and societal benefits from serving as economic engines to towns and cities to providing a source of employment.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Fostering a workforce encompassing and encouraging varied backgrounds and perspectives is critical for business success. Brookfield Renewable U.S. is committed to embedding diversity and inclusion across our organization. We know that the best ideas come from having people of different backgrounds, perspectives, experience and skills across all businesses, levels of seniority and regions.

We believe that it is not enough to simply have a diverse employee base – we seek to leverage the benefits of diversity by upholding an inclusive environment that encourages contributions from all individuals and provides equal development and advancement opportunities. Our focus begins at recruitment, continues in leadership training programs and is woven into our policies and procedures, and is part of our culture.

Our initiatives include creating and implementing a global positive work environment policy that sets a high global standard and makes it everyone’s responsibility to uphold a respectful environment.

Our Core Competencies

Create Value

Maximizing the value we provide to the organization, and the customers we serve.

Deliver Results

Advancing our mission, each and every day.


Adopting best practices in the operation and development of our renewable assets.

Foster Teamwork

Encouraging collaboration to leverage synergies.

Make a Difference

Driving positive impacts to the communities where we live and work.

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