Distributed Energy Resource Solutions

Built to Scale. Our diverse distributed energy resource products coupled with our deep financing, development, and operating capabilities allows us to create customized localized solutions, with multiple options for decarbonization aligned with customer needs. We can develop solutions for every customer’s energy targets and at a scale that fits their objectives.

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Brookfield Renewable U.S.’s DER Solutions

Experienced development, operations and financing teams with a proven track record of providing creative, localized, decarbonization solutions.

  • Offer diverse, localized energy solutions including solar, storage and energy efficiency
  • Manage all stages of the project development cycle, drawing from our in-house technical experts
  • Maximize energy yield and plant efficiency through active management, preemptive maintenance, asset repowerings and use of advanced technology
  • Leverage our financial discipline, access to capital, and in-house capabilities to structure and operate within diverse and complex partnership arrangements

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About Distributed Energy Resource Solutions please contact us at: dgsolar@brookfieldrenewable.com