Clarkson University Campus Now Powered by 100 Percent Renewable Electricity Through Partnership with Brookfield Renewable

In its effort to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, Clarkson University has reached an agreement to purchase over half of its electricity needs from Brookfield Renewable. All of the power needs of Clarkson’s Potsdam campus are now met with renewable electricity.“We have been working collaboratively with Brookfield Renewable to develop a tailored solution to purchase electricity directly from them,” said Susan Powers, Director of the Institute for a Sustainable Environment. Students conducting engineering research and in an applied math class contributed to the analysis of Clarkson’s power demand and options for changing our electricity supplier.Brookfield Renewable, one of the largest owners, operators and developers of renewable power globally, is now providing Clarkson with a large portion of its electricity at the Potsdam campus. “We value that our new partnership with Brookfield Renewable provides renewable electricity that supports our local economy and will increase educational opportunities for our students,” said Powers.

“Brookfield Renewable is pleased to partner with Clarkson University to provide clean, reliable, renewable power that supports the local economy,” said Marco Talamo, Vice President, Brookfield Renewable. “Thanks to our abundant in-state supply of hydro power, we’re ideally positioned to provide solutions for customers like Clarkson University that seek to achieve ambitious renewable energy goals.”

Hydro power provides the bulk of the renewable electricity consumed in northern New York. Harnessing just the power of moving water to generate electricity, it serves as an affordable, climate-friendly energy source in the region. As a readily available and storable energy source, hydro is uniquely capable of supporting 24/7 renewable power. The renewable power provided by Brookfield Renewable will contribute between 50 percent and 60 percent of Clarkson University’s total electricity. The balance of Clarkson’s electricity demand is supplied by hydro power from the New York Power Authority and the village of Potsdam and the 2-MW solar photovoltaic system on Clarkson’s property.

“We have been working hard toward our net-zero greenhouse gas emission goal,” Powers said. “Through our agreement with Brookfield Renewable, we will reduce our total campus emissions by more than 15 percent.”

About Clarkson University

As a private, national research university, Clarkson is a leader in technological education and sustainable economic development through teaching, scholarship, research and innovation. We ignite personal connections across academic fields and industries to create the entrepreneurial mindset, knowledge and intellectual curiosity needed to innovate world-relevant solutions and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. With its main campus located in Potsdam, N.Y., and additional graduate program and research facilities in the New York Capital Region, Beacon, N.Y., and New York City, Clarkson educates 4,300 students across 95 rigorous programs of study in engineering, business, the arts, education, sciences and health professions. Our alumni earn salaries that are among the top 2.5% in the nation and realize accelerated career growth. One in five already leads as a CEO, senior executive or owner of a company.

About Brookfield Renewable

Brookfield Renewable operates one of the world’s largest publicly traded renewable power platforms. The portfolio consists of hydroelectric, wind, solar and storage facilities in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, and totals over 19,000 megawatts of installed capacity and a 13,000 megawatt development pipeline. Its New York hydro portfolio is comprised of 74 facilities, which generate 710 MW of clean, reliable energy, enough to power 430,000 homes across the State.

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